New metal detector Golden king plus
Posted on Jun 15, 2020
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golden detector 77 golden detector 77
Golden detector company offers you the World’s Best Gold Detection Technologies & Mining Equipment Nokta GOLDEN KING PLUS The latest and most powerful detection systems for gold and minerals and treasures in the ground at all. The device works on 3 systems which Photogrammetry and electromagnetic system and radar. The device features the ability to detect gold and archaeological treasures and the possibility of identifying caves and tunnels and voids large professionally floor with the possibility of clarifying the depth meter and Centimeter through the direct three-dimensional imaging to determine the name of the metal detected accurately. Possibility of canceling iron and non-precious metals exploration process altogether. There is also a device 10 international languages including Arabic and English with a special program for the analysis of signals, signs, and logos archaeological credit of the biggest centers and bodies of global exploration for signal analysis and discovered. Th
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